Rd5 Motostar – Thruxton

JJ ahead

It’s like heading to a new track with a different bike – having only ridden at Thruxton in the previous year on the standard Honda!
I was looking forward to it as I knew it was going to be fasssst.

Once again the weather was blisteringly hot as the UK enjoys a great summer…. Oh and one tweak for my KTM machine – it’s now got the 2017 fairings on which should help all 6ft of me get tucked in a little better.

FP1 and 2 – All went to plan, got up to speed and on the race pace pretty quick and was enjoying the track time more than I usually do.

Qualifying was great, it was a Team City Lifting 1 and 2 – with me only 0.2 seconds behind my team mate Jake Archer #2.

Race 1 – It was a gruelling battle with 7 riders all gunning for the win, it was chopping and changing every lap, but it all came down to the chaos of the final lap.
There was strong contact in the final chicane with Paasch taking out Archer, as I also took a bump from the rear, I had nowhere to go and not able to stay on track and ended up cutting the chicane! I took the chequered flag and top step of the podium, but unfortunately due to an appeal and long meeting with race control they awarded me with a 1 second penalty which dropped my result to 2nd, annoying but I have to respect their final decision!

Race 2 – Some might say I had a point to prove! I was in the zone for that start and was my best one of the season to date – on the button in to the first corner and from there I stayed. It shows on the Eurosport TV coverage of the race as you don’t see much of me – apart from now and then noting the growing gap… I crossed the line 5 seconds ahead – I do have a note of thanks to my team mate Jake, who rode a fantastic race with an injured ankle he endured from race1 – his battling for the podium with 2 other riders would’ve assisted the gap.

JJ celebrate (photo credit Little Head Photography)

As always thanks to TeamJJ and all my sponsors and supporters #JJ55

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