Rd4 Motostar – Brands Hatch

JJ Crash

Following a very hot, muggy and overall frustrating weekend at Brands Hatch!

One of those weekends that just didn’t go the way it was planned … FP1  and FP2 – I took the time to get the right set up and feeling good on the bike to get on to the race pace.

The positive was I took 2nd in qualifying.

Race1 – Didn’t have a good start and found myself stuck in a pack of riders – eventually breaking free and pretty much a lonely race in 4th – gaining on 3rd and improving my lap times – caught up with the last podium position and over took – unfortunately the race was red flagged due to an incident and as such the race is adjusted to the last time across the line for positions! Having to settle for 4th.

Race2 – I don’t want to dwell on it too much as it was my fault and causes much frustration! I had a better start and was running with the front runners, with the exception of my team mate Jake who had pulled the pin and gone early. I was battling for 2nd position with 2 other riders … I made a minor mistake coming out of clearways on lap 7 and the front end just disappeared on me out of nowhere … well not no where into the poxy gravel pit!

The KTM machines can be pretty unforgiving at times.

Sorry to all of you and team – I have learnt a lot this weekend which is the positive to take away and ready to bring at Thruxton.


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